Wednesday, September 24, 2014

As if today!

Image above: Europe. North Africa and the Middle East before the Great War

History sites to use
BBC on this day since 1953
On this
World War 1 Encyclopedia
Australian War Memorial
Victoria Cross recipients
RSL Virtual War Memorial
Interactive documentary on the Great War
Time Maps sites for the class
Windows to the Great War
History and geography
Just real interesting

* Seeing the past through the eyes of the present via digital media

The Soldiers tale project is an interesting way for you to learn and empathise with a soldier in the Great War. Unlike the real letters of Jack, this site uses online and digital media to get involved with the lives of  people from the dramatic events of 1914 to 1918. This inventive project brings together a multitude of historical sources to tell an engaging narrative of life, both at War and on the Home Front. Events unfold in real time, 100 years to the day from when they happened.
The main character, Walter Carter blogs, posts and tweets at least 3 times per week. Through his social media activity you learn about:
  • The differing opinions and experiences of our characters paint a broad picture of life at the time: social, economic, political and cultural
  • The impact of the conflict on different countries and nationalities including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and the Caribbean is conveyed

  • Important social issues are covered, many still valid today, e.g. the role of women, the effect of war on communities, identity and race, and the treatment of the physically and mentally injured

Links are also provided to archives and other interactive resources. This project is an interesting way to learn about period of the Great War via modern media.

* Take this test on the Great War

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