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South Australia in 1914: Before the Storm

Image above: Glenelg Jetty in 1914.

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South Australia before World War 1

In pairs dot point the answers from the article from the following questions:

1. What does it mean by the newly formed “Commonwealth of Australia”?

2. What developments symbolised what is described as the golden age at the beginning of the 20th Century?

3. “The stupefying moral codes and mores of the Victorian Age.” Meaning?

4. Of the men in South Australia, how many went to the Great War and how many came back? How many were damaged when they returned?

5. What was dominating the South Australian papers before war broke out?

6. How many people lived in Adelaide in 1914? What % of South Australia’s population was that?

7. Talking population - What was the ethnic mix, average age, most common diseases and life expectancy of 1914 South Australia?

8. Tell me about family life (marriage, family size, household duties, home appliances, divorce, gender roles) in 1914 South Australia.

9. The moral and racial attitudes of South Australians were …..

10. Did 1914 Adelaide City look that different to today? In what ways was it similar and different? Who was responsible for planning it originally?

11. Where was electricity used in 1914?

12. Tell me about transport and communications in 1914 Adelaide.

13. How did women fair in 1914 South Australia?

14. What did people do for entertainment in 1914 South Australia?

15. What were the most popular recreation activities/sports in 1914 South Australia?

16. Did South Australians in 1914 do drugs or gambling?

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