Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In their shoes!

Image above: A South Australian soldier from the Great War, Fritz Basedow: Died of Wounds - Mustard Gas Poisoning, Rouen Haute-Normandie France, 25 April 1918, aged 24 years

History sites to use

BBC on this day since 1953
On this day.com
World War 1 Encyclopedia
Australian War Memorial
Victoria Cross recipients
RSL Virtual War Memorial
Interactive documentary on the Great War

Scoop.it sites for the class
Windows to the Great War
History and geography Scoop.it
Just real interesting

The first assignment: a biographical study. Download the assignment sheet here.

Our first assignment is to undertake a biographical study on a person or group. I want you to get into the shoes and head of this person or group and try

You are to develop a biographical study of an individual or group from the Great War period. The assignment is to be presented as a 10 slide presentation, comprising 400 words.

The study is to involve the following sections:

Aspects of their life (3 slides and 75 words)

·      Early years (family background, education, early years etc)

·      Work and personal events leading up to the Great War

·      Post Great War life (if survived the war)

Great War involvement (3 slides and 125 words)

·      Role in the Great War

·      Major achievements/actions in the Great War

Reflection on a life (4 slides and 200 words)

·    Why could it be said that your character is a significant individual in the Great War (Significance)

·    Describe an event in the Great War that explain how your character had a impact upon (Cause and Effect)

·    Write a 100 word letter from your character explaining his/her role in an event in the Great War (Perspective)

·    Identify a controversial/contentious event from your person’s life and discuss how they could be defended (Empathy)

* Some leads to consider
Here are just some ideas of a study (happy for you to suggest a study not on this list)
Tsar Nicholas 2nd, General Haig, General John Monash, Prime Minister David Lloyd George, Winston Churchill, Gavrilo Princip,  King George 5th, General Rawlinson, General Birdwood, Kaiser Wilhelm, General Ludendorff etc.

http://spartacus-educational.com/FWW.htm is a great resource for names to explore for this assignment. Remember the person does not have to be a King or Prime Minister – they can be a soldier, nurse etc. if you can find enough information about them and in some way do the reflection section (can be modified for such a study).

* Check out these sites to select and research your person

World War 1 Encyclopedia
Australian War Memorial
Victoria Cross recipients
RSL Virtual War Memorial

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